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About Charles Berman

Charles works at the intersection between technology, music and live performance.

As head of Bermondo Labs, he is in development of a new Virtual Reality experience for music education, composition and performance called Jam Theory, currently in pre-release through Rotu Entertainment.


Bermondo's live multimedia performances combine electric guitar, computer graphics, and motion sensor. Using a combination of Ableton Live, Max/MSP/Jitter, Kinect and Max For Live, he has compiled a unique set of experiences combining original music, generative computer visuals, algorithmic music and live guitar performance.


As a guitarist and composer in Boston, New York and New Orleans, Charles has performed with artists including the late Mac Rebenack (Dr. John), Bobby Rush, James Andrews, Rockin' Doopsie Jr, the Cadillacs, Hey Dave, Dave Martin, and the Buster Brothers. In 2004, Charles released a CD of original music named "Poinciana Revisited", available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music.


Charles's background in technology ranges from early work in C++ at Bell Labs and on Wall Street, and development and product management for Financial Internet products at Fidelity Investments.

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